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#GiveBackOntario is our way of giving back to the communities
we're so honoured to work in, across Ontario.

In 2016, Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc., our parent company, started the #GiveBackOntario movement to inspire Ontarians to give back to their communities. #GiveBackOntario helps Ontario residents spread the word about causes that matter to them, promote awareness, take action and engender change.

We hope that by using the hashtag #GiveBackOntario, we can spread the word about these worthy causes, and encourage others to reflect on what they can do in their own communities, and take action. 

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#GiveBackOntario Community Service Initiative

How do I get involved?

That’s the thing we love about #GiveBackOntario –  you can get involved any way you like! Find a cause that's important to YOU and bring awareness to it.

Whether you want to support a local animal sanctuary, a children’s charity, the environment, or a human rights organization, or anything in between, please share the initiative with us via #GiveBackOntario, and we’ll help promote it!

What’s the goal?

Our goal is simple: we want to help Ontarians better their communities.

Whether you champion your chosen cause by donating your time, money or resources – we're here to help you spread the word and inspire change.

We challenge you to participate in our #GiveBackOntario Campaign! 

#GiveBackOntario Community Service Initiative

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