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SnapQuote makes insurance quotes easy.

With SnapQuote, getting a car or motorcycle insurance quote is simple. In fact, it’s a snap!

With a single click of the mouse, you get three insurance quotes, and access to licensed insurance brokers on call to assist you – via live chat, social, email or phone!

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Snapquote, Car Insurance in a Snap

Get 3 Instant Quotes for your Car

When it comes to auto insurance in Ontario, there are tons of options available - but knowing what the options actually are is half the battle.

We’ll help you figure out what auto insurance coverage is right for you, and build you a plan that is tailored to your unique needs, and we start with providing you three quotes, immediately, with the click of a button. 

Or for your Motorcycle, in a snap!

Just like driving a motorcycle is different from driving a car, motorcycle drivers need coverage that is distinct from standard auto insurance.

We'll help you navigate your options, and build a plan that works for you. So you can relax, and enjoy the freedom of the open road knowing that you’re covered in just the way you need to be.

Snapquote, Motorcycle Insurance in a Snap

Compare instantly

No homework required, just enter your driver's licence, phone and e-mail and SNAP! Three quotes to compare, just like that!

On your terms

We know you’re busy and that your time is of the essence. We offer extended hours and you choose how to get in touch with us!

Tailored to you

We know there’s only one you, and it’s our mission, just like our parent company Youngs, to help build a plan as unique as you.

Insurance with Integrity

SnapQuote is a product of Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc. – a company that has been providing insurance with integrity throughout Ontario for over 100 years. The Youngs Insurance mission is and has always been to ensure they provide their clients with the finest insurance protection available.


So Easy, It's a Snap!

Looking for auto or motorcycle insurance? In a snap, we’ll provide you with three quotes to choose from.

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